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Dead by Daylight
Original PriceUS$32.99 (HK$249 / RMB¥202.94)

Game Description:

  • Tons of Extra Content: The Original Soundtrack, The 80's Suitcase add-on, The Bloodstained Sack add-on, The Of Flesh and Mud Add-on, and A future DLC to be released!
  • Survive Together... Or Not: Survivors can either cooperate with the others, or be selfish. Chances for survival depend on your decisions.
  • Where Am I?: Each level is procedurally generated, so you'll never know what to expect. Random spawn points mean you will never feel safe as the world, and its dangers, change every time you play.
  • A Feast for Killers: Dead by Daylight draws from all corners of the horror world. Play anything from a powerful Slasher to a terrifying paranormal entity.
  • Deeper and Deeper: Each Killer and Survivor has their own deep progression system and plenty of unlockable that can be customized to fit your own personal strategy.

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Release Date: 2017-06-19

Compatibility: NTSC JNTSC U/EAPAL

Language: Voice (English) / Subtitle (English)

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Earn Points: 200

Origin: USA

Genre: Action

No. of Player: Online (4) / Offline (1)

Product No.: 812872019208

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