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Devil May Cry HD Collection
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Game Description:

  • Featuring Dante, Devil May Cry HD Collection is full of the award-winning gameplay and style that the series has become known for, now playable on modern consoles.
  • Originally debuting in 2001, Devil May Cry immediately redefined the action genre, with its signature emphasis on slaying demons with style.
  • The half-demon Dante uses his innate abilities and the powers of ancient demons to fight a one-man war against the forces of darkness and save humanity from damnation
  • Devil May Cry 2 released in 2003 and centers on Dante and his new devilishly agile partner Lucia in their fight to defeat a man hell-bent on achieving supreme power.
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, featured a number of enhancements, including the opportunity to play as Dante's twin brother, Vergil, as well as the addition of Bloody Palace Mode and Turbo Mode.

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Release Date: 2018-03-19

Compatibility: NTSC JNTSC U/EAPAL

Language: Voice (English) / Subtitle (English)

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Origin: USA

Genre: Action

No. of Player: Offline (1)

Product No.: 28899

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