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Bullet Girls Phantasia
HK Limited
Original PriceUS$119.12 (HK$899 / RMB¥818.09)
Sale PriceUS$105.87 (HK$799 / RMB¥727.09)
SavedUS$13.25 (HK$100 / RMB¥91)

Game Description:

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest entry in the Bullet Girls series. It is an action shooting game where you control the girls of the “Ranger Club,” which is a school organization established with the purpose of defense training, and fight enemies one after the next. In this installment, the setting has changed from a school to a fantasy world, where you will fight against monsters like orcs and slimes that come at you in big numbers. Take on the challenge using modern day weapons like rifles and shotguns.


Limited Version:
- Special design game box
- 3D mouse pad (King's daughter )
- Album
- Original soundtrack CD
- Special design game cover


PS Vita Pre-order Specials:
- Bikini armor (gold), wrapped chest and pocket cloth (white

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Release Date: 2018-08-09

Compatibility: NTSC JNTSC U/EAPAL

Language: Voice (Japanese) / Subtitle (English/ Japanese/ Chinese)

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Origin: Hong Kong

Genre: Shooters

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Product No.: 8809459211102

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