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New Sakura Wars
HK Limited
Original PriceUS$119.75 (HK$899 / RMB¥831.58)

Game Description:

Limited Edition included:

  • PS4 Game: Project Sakura Wars
  • Soundtrack CD (60-song)
  • Artbook (72-page, A4-size)

The stage is set in a romanticized version of 1940s Imperial Tokyo. 10 years ago, a cataclysm resulted in the devastating loss of the Imperial Combat Revue of Tokyo, the capital’s global defense force operating out of the Imperial Theater. The theater has since fallen on hard times and risks closure. As captain of the new Tokyo revue, it’s up to you to mend the hearts of your troops and restore the theater back to its former glory!

With its strong emphasis on character-driven storytelling and relationship building, fans will find plenty to love with Shin Sakura Taisen!

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Release Date: 2019-12-12

Compatibility: NTSC JNTSC U/EAPAL

Language: Voice (Japanese) / Subtitle (Chinese)

Stock Status: Restock Soon

Earn Points: 500

Origin: Hong Kong

Genre: Action + Adventure

No. of Player: Offline (1)

Product No.: 4974365824631

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