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Ring Fit Adventure (Bundle)
Hong Kong
Original PriceUS$266.27 (HK$1999 / RMB¥1849.08)
Sale PriceUS$126.41 (HK$949 / RMB¥877.83)
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Game Description:

Subtitle: Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ French/ Italian/ German/ Spainish/ Dutch/ Korean

Voice: Mandarin / English/ Japanese/ French/ Italian/ German/ Spainish/ Dutch/ Korean

including Switch Game: Ring Fit Adventure, Ring-Con and Leg Strap.

Ring Fit Adventure isa fitness adventure game where Joy-Conisattached to the new peripheral devices "Ring-Con" and "Leg Strap"thatcome with it, and the whole body is moved and played. "Ring-Con" and "Leg Strap" recognize movements of parts such as arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, buttocks, legs, etc. and link with characters. A variety of programs such as “Adventure”, a long-term fitness program that can be enjoyed while adventuring the fantasy world, “Mini-games” that can be started easily, and “Set menu” that allows you to play a set of fitness events continuously You can exercise in various styles. Explore a huge fantastical world and defeat enemies using real-life exercise!

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Release Date: 2019-11-09

Compatibility: NTSC JNTSC U/EAPAL

Language: Voice (Muti Language) / Subtitle (Muti Language)

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Origin: Hong Kong

Genre: Sports

No. of Player: Offline (1)

Product No.: 4902370543773

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