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Romance of The Three Kingdoms 14
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Game Description:

Your "Administration" is an integral part of your force, and depending on how you assign posts to your subordinate officers, a variety of commands and effects will become available.
Your "Administration" consist of 5 types of posts - "Battle", "Support", "Schemes", "Domestics", and "Personnel". Depending on your ruler's "Doctrine", their organization chart will differ - some will be better suited for military affairs, while others will be suited for domestics, personnel, or other posts.
In addition, "doctrines" have levels, so the scope of your "administration" will expand as it develops.

By assigning your officers to various posts within your administration, the effects of the "policies" that they possess will be added to your force.
Some officer "policies" are only available to certain officers, and they have powerful effects that affect the entire battlefield, such as increasing the effects of specific formations, granting the ability to construct traps, and more. Devising your own strategies, raising your "doctrine" level, and assigning your subordinate officers to the appropriate posts will be the keys to expanding your force.

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Release Date: 2020-01-14

Compatibility: NTSC JNTSC U/EAPAL

Language: Voice (Japanese) / Subtitle (Japanese)

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Origin: Japan

Genre: Simulation

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