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Classic Console»Neo Geo»NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro
NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro
Original PriceUS$173.03 (HK$1299 / RMB¥1201.58)

Game Description:


  • NeoGeo Arcade Stick
  • Power Cable x 1
  • USB Adapter x 1
  • NeoGeo sticker x 1
  • Manual

The next in line for the NEOGEO legacy comes the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro. It’s an incredibly unique fighting stick in that it comes with fighting games pre-installed! It was inspired by the NEOGEO CD’s controller design and was blown up to fighting stick size. Additionally, the arcade stick can switch between two modes: Arcade Stick Mode and Console Mode.

There are 20 pre-installed NEOGEO classics just waiting to be played. You can even rearrange the button layout in the options menu. Also, you can attach NEOGEO mini PAD controllers or even another NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro for some glorious 2-Player action!

20 Recorded Titles:

- The King of Fighters '95
- The King of Fighters '97
- The King of Fighters '98
- The King of Fighters '99
- The King of Fighters 2000
- The King of Fighters 2002
- Fatal Fury Special
- Fatal Fury 3
- Garou: Mark of Wolves
- Samurai Shodown II
- Samurai Shodown III
- Samurai Shodown IV
- Samurai Shodown V
- Art of Fighting
- World Heroes 2
- World Heroes 2 Jet
- World Heroes Perfect
- Ninja Master's
- The Last Blade 2
- Kizuna Encounter



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Release Date: 2019-12-02

Compatibility: NTSC J

Language: Voice (Japanese) / Subtitle (Japanese)

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Origin: Japan

Genre: Action

Product No.: 33196

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